Merry Christmas!

I made beads for a bead order tonight (I’m so glad I can get them out tomorrow!) because I was…ALONE! The engineer took 4 kids (3 of ours and a neighbor) to see Avatar and I stayed here to do beads (very nice of him, I think – of course, he wanted to see it too, the geek!). I’m very glad I got them done. I was cruising through some blogs and saw that Heather (of Humblebeads) suggested one might want to have a glass of wine in the dark with the tree lights on (or something very close to that idea!) and so that’s what I decided to do for a few moments of me time! I then decided I needed to take a photo of the tree to see how it would turn out. The tree is actually so beautiful – it is perfectly shaped. What luck! Then of course I decided I better post the photo to the blog because I think I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow! So there went my alone time with wine in front of the tree in the dark with the tree lights on. But isn’t it purty? Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your tree with us! I will make it my surrogate tree for this year – we don't enjoy chasing cats out of the tree, so we didn't put it up this year…I still feel Christmas-y, but it's weird to not have decorations up :o)

    Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoyed the evening to yourself!

  2. Funny! When my BooBoo was a kitten, she would climb the tree and actually pull it over – we had a fake tree for years! I used to love just watching the cats sit under the tree – they loved it! I really need more cats!

  3. The tree is beautiful, perfect shaped. We lucked out too! It's absolutely perfectly shaped-you'd think it was artificial!
    I hope to get the kids to be early enough where I could enjoy a glass of wine sitting sitting in my livingroom illuminated only by the Christmas lights..Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.

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