My Bar

My bar is finished! Yay! Jason did a fantastic job! This is really what he loves to do – he is a general contractor and will do anything, but he is a fantastic carpenter/artist and really really loves to create things like this. The first photo is the before – the empty closet in my family room. It was pretty worthless, and I had wanted to have a bar in there forever (I’ve lived in this house for 12 years!). I told Jason about it, and he made it happen! (Please ignore my reflection in the photos!). If you live near me and want something done in your house, you should really check out Jason’s work here!

5 thoughts on “My Bar”

  1. Oh, I've been wondering how it was going! He did a fantastic job. I love fine carpentry like this. Wish we lived closer! Give him a big high 5!

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