My First Key Bead

I got this cool key bead mandrel from Jelveh, and made my first key bead the other day. I can’t wait to make more – it’s fun! I used the worst rusty key I had, in case I messed up because the key is not round but flat; it came out great for a first try!

11 thoughts on “My First Key Bead”

  1. Thank you everyone! I had fun making it! Renate, I am definitely going to make more! My only problem will be I only have one key mandrel so I can only do one in a sitting – I may have to buy more key mandrels!

  2. Hi Sue!!! It’s awesome! I was going to try that one day… maybe… if ever I get time. I have lots of those keys laying around.

    I hope you’re doing well!!!

    Big HUGS!!!

    Rebecca : )

  3. Hi Sue!!! It’s awesome!!! I thought about trying this before but figured I was too busy at the time. : )

    Maybe later…. : )

    I hope you’re doing well!!!

    Big Hugs!!!

    Rebecca : )

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