My Other Life

Occasionally, I mention my other life, but not exactly what it is. I did mention that something great was happening soon, but I couldn’t announce it just then. Well, here it is! My engineer wrote a book titled “Better Embedded System Software.” I helped him a lot! It’s finally out now! I know, you may have no idea what it means. I wouldn’t have either, but since I’ve been with him for 5 years, I know! I read the whole book, so that helps! He started a blog, too, as a companion to the book. You can find his blog here! I am his first follower, and he finally started following mine! The nice thing about him is that he dedicated his book to me! He said some very nice things in the acknowledgements about me and our family, as well!

9 thoughts on “My Other Life”

  1. well done to you and the engineer! A big achievement.I too have a lovely engineer husband who I call a "widget" designer, as when I try to explain what he is working on, everyone gets very lost..!

  2. The book is so well organized. It looks great. I thought the dedication and acknowledgements were wonderful.

    Who picked the cover color?

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