My Weekend!

This past weekend went so fast! We spent it redoing my wall by the pool. It was falling down in some places. Whenever we had a big rain, it would let a stream of water, mud and mulch into the pool and sometimes it was a right mess! On Sunday we went to Ligonier Country Inn for a great brunch. It was very nice. There’s never enough time in the day or weekend to do all the things I want to do! I’m back at making beads for an order and for my show in October. There’s still 10% off on my web site ( until I get it all fixed up!

4 thoughts on “My Weekend!”

  1. Oh it's a shame that we couldn't meet up! I was in Milwaukee! You were only a little tiny bit down the road from me. I live about 8 miles away from Ligonier! One of these days!

  2. Your pool looks so inviting, now if the weather would just stay warm. Glad you got your wall repaired! It is so true the weekends seem to fly by so fast!

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