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In picking my word for this year, I even visited the thesaurus to see if there was a “better” word to pick. However, upon reflection, there was not. My 2011 and late 2010 was filled with many challenges, some good, some not so good. I had some surgeries. Broke up with my partner of 5 1/2 years. Lost my job and insurance because of that. Had to start over not only in the dating world but in the world of figuring out all the man household things and tax things myself. I became re-acquainted with a high school friend who is now boyfriend and biggest fan! I became stronger because of him and that’s how he wants it! I found more energy. I had some bad days too, days where I reflected on what my life was, is, and maybe will be. Sometimes that’s not the best thing for me to do. I will have some challenges ahead, monetarily. My daughter entering the world of college visits and applications! Figuring out where my son is going to school for 9th grade. I want to make my business grow, so I may sign up for the Bead Fest Philly! I want to learn some new techniques like pmc. I want to take my bead-making to another level. So, I have decided that my word for 2012 is:


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  1. I think that's an excellent word! It seems to embody focus–pick the things you want to expand and strengthen, and move ahead by steps that are appropriate to you! It sounds like you are rebuilding–which is always an opportunity for "better." Sometimes things need to be dismantled in order for them to be better.

  2. Awesome word!!! Good luck aspiring for all your new goals. You have faced some of your biggest challenges so it can only go up from here. I read a great book recently You Can Create and Exceptional Life by Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay. Won of the positive affirmations is say to yourself Life LOVES ME!!!! Not sure if you like that kind of thing but it was a real breath of fresh air and very easy to do!!! Have a wonderful day, I look forward to seeing your new creations.

    Much love,

  3. Great word Sue. Positive, attainable, and strong. I love seeing your goals. You're inspiring me to find more energy in 2012, too.
    With a daughter looking at colleges and a son looking at high school, you'll need all that extra energy!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Fancy Face, I am so very proud of who you are and who you will become……I am in fact your biggest fan and am very lucky to have you by my side!!!!!! Better is an excellent word for many reasons…..Keep your focus….Stay strong….If you get scared reach for my hand as I will always be there to help in any way possible….I love you very much and I look forward to 2012 being even better than our 2011 if that is even possible baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great word – and if you go to Bead Fest Philly – hire me to work your booth for a day. I am super cheap (as a booth vendor assistant, not in that other way) AKA free. We can probably talk Jen V into hanging out too πŸ™‚

  6. I soooooo almost picked this word myself, but then took a whole other route. It sounds like you are on the right track already! Best of luck for the year ahead.

  7. Sue, it sounds like your year was full of ups and downs. Mine was too in 2011. I think your word is perfect and I'm looking forward to making each day "better" in 2012 as well.

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