7 thoughts on “Mysteries of Pittsburgh”

  1. I was reading about that earlier this week and that there are cities with actual laws that say you can do that to hold a spot after you've taken the time to shovel it clear…Ahhh…the things you folks have to think about that we have NO CLUE about here in Houston :o)

  2. So, in the City of Pittsburgh, it's actually not a law. The law says no one can reserve a parking space on a public street. However, it's a Pittsburgh tradition called parking chairs – if you shovel it, it's yours! They are all over the place. I have seen a parking stump, and some people have seen parking toilets. This apparently is totally a Pittsburgh phenomenon – the engineer has lived in many places and has never seen this except here!!!!!!

  3. "You've got a friend in Pennsylvania" but you may not have a cleared up parking spot!! 🙂 I'm from the PA country, so we just waited until the plows got to our road to go anywhere. haaaaaa

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