New Beads, Savannah Bridge, Palmetto Dunes Lighthouse

We did go to Savannah today, and I went to a bead store called Beadstro. The beads above are what I picked up! Some dyed coral, 2 strands of czech glass, a strand of blue faceted chalcedony, a strand of faceted jasper, a strand of really cool turquoise beads and two agaty focal beads. I had fun! The photo isn’t that great because it’s so cloudy here today, I really couldn’t do the beads justice, again. I think if you click on the picture, you can see it larger and maybe see how great the beads really are!
The bridge photo is the one that goes into Savannah from South Carolina – it’s pretty cool. It’s a very large suspension bridge. You can see the day was very cloudy, as everything pretty much looks the same color!
The lighthouse is the one in Palmetto Dunes, where we live when we are here. It’s not a useful lighthouse right now, I’ll have to look up the history to see if it ever was used. The engineer, the boy and I took a bike ride to it this morning, before we left to go to Savannah.
All in all it was a good trip; I think I read about 7 books. Got to visit two bead stores, made my first beaded bead and generally was forced to relax. We are leaving tomorrow for the 12 hour drive home, so no post for tomorrow. See you again sometime on Saturday!

3 thoughts on “New Beads, Savannah Bridge, Palmetto Dunes Lighthouse”

  1. Those beads are gorgeous and looks like you’ll be busy for a while 😉

    Sounds like a fun trip – looking forward to my getaway in June!

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