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Hi! How’s everyone’s new year going so far? We went to see Tale of Despereaux today – it’s not at all like I remember the book, so I guess I’m going to have to read it again and see what’s what. Luckily, the first time I read it, I read it in one night. It was really cute and actually a good book, so hopefully it won’t take me forever to read like books do now – for some reason, I can’t get much reading done at night anymore – I can read 5 or 10 pages then need to go to sleep. Then, I can’t sleep. But I guess that’s another post.

In the meantime, I listed some more focals and some valentine beads in the etsy SueBeads shop today – take a look! The focals are certainly cool, but I am particularly fond of the heart I made, pictured. It’s basically a ready to wear necklace, if you want, because it’s strung on some beautiful black silk cord. The silver spacers are sterling brushed silver and the accent beads are so pretty too! The heart is only decorated on one side, so it shouldn’t bother you when you are wearing it! If you want it, click on it!

Tomorrow, we are running up to my friend’s house to see her two new puppies – little girls, Jack Russell Terriers. Hopefully I’ll have some photos to show of them – from the pictures I’ve seen, they are too cute!

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