New Work

Yesterday, after I made my bead orders, I played a little bit!  That’s always fun, I’m looking to expand my horizons as far as bead making goes, so hopefully I’ll be doing that! 

One thing I did was use that piece of brass wire I had sitting down there.  I wanted to see how a headpin would look with it after it anneals in the kiln.  Didn’t change the color at all, which is great!  This is too thick of a gauge, I think, so I’ll be trying 22 instead of 20.  What do you think – is 20 too thick for a headpin?

I made a big hole heart bead – this was tough.  It took a long time, kept cracking, and it’s really rough.  But I think it’s a cool idea, probably for a toggle.  It would need to the the focal, though, because it’s large!

I did some cabs too.  One broke – wah!  But I love this one.  I made more today.  Cabs are fun, because you can play after you shape the cab.  This one will be making it into the store later, with the other ones I made today!

See you tomorrow for my third week of 52 photos!

3 thoughts on “New Work”

  1. Love the large hole heart and can imagine it was a real pain to get completed. I make headpins in 18 gauge regularly because it holds lampwork and other larger holed beads well so in my very humble opinion I think 20g is fine.

  2. I really love that headpin you created. As far as the size of it, 20 would be fine for some headpins, but I know I wouldn't want more than just a few. A smaller size would be preferable, but an assortment never hurts!

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