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The most lovely Sally Russick is hosting her second ornament swap and today is the reveal!  I had fun doing it last year, so I wanted to do it again this year!   My partner is probably one of the most positive, lovely ladies I have ever met – Kristin Stevens.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at Bead Fest Philly this year (and her daughter too) and I was very glad I ended up being her partner!  Here’s what I made Kristin:

I’m kind of stuck on these vintage chandellier parts I have, and wanted to use one of them.  And I really love the shimmery effects of the pixie dust on white glass, and I really love the baroque shape of the beads!  I made the hanger myself, too!

And here’s what Kristin made me:

If you know Kristen, then you know she does wonders with beads!  Her little beaded beads so cute, and this ornament is so delicate – it has a prominent spot on my tree!

Thank you Sally for hosting another fun swap!  Here’s a list of all the participants, so you can drool over their ornaments too!

20 thoughts on “Ornament Swap Blog Hop!”

  1. Hi Susan,
    The ornament you received from Kristen is beautiful and so very Kristen like. I have not met her in person yet, but we do talk often on the phone and she is a very lovely person. The ornament you sent to her is beautiful also.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. I would be stuck on those chandilier crystals too- they make the most beautiful ornaments! Man – that bead weaving she did is totally gorgeous!! I love the unique design of this ornament – beautiful!

  3. Oooo, I love Kristen's beaded beads and the wreath! Lovely 🙂

    And I just love your icicles!!! Very cool (no pun intended). I was at an antique store a few weeks ago and they had the chandelier pieces like that. I was going to get them but the drill hole wasn;t all the way through and it stopped me from getting them. I just might go back though…..

  4. Both beautiful pieces! I love Kristen's beaded beads, and she matched the golem bead perfectly! Your beads always deliver, and that chandelier crystal looks wonderful with them.

  5. Both ornaments couldn't be more different. I love your ornament because it is so elegant and perfect for winter.

    And Kristens ornament is fun and whimsical, and very unique–just right for Christmas.

  6. Sue, your vintage inspired ornament is spectacular! I'm a sucker for those vintage chandelier crystals!
    The ornament that Kristin made for you is lovely, the beaded beads are beautiful.

    Thank you for participating again this year! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Love the ornament you got! She did such a good job of matching the red seed beads to the focal!

    The crystal on the ornament you sent will sparkle so nicley on a tree with lights!

  8. I love the icicle ornament you created Sue (those beads of yours are perfect), and I love what Kristen made for you (huge fan of Golem and of Kristen's mad beading skills). Both ornaments are stunning!

  9. Hey Sue, I love what you both created for each other! I adore all the colors in Kristen's ornament and the cool, elegant, simplicity of your piece. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  10. The ornament you got from Kristen is so colorful. It would have a special place on my tree too. I really like the chandelier ornament you made too.It's fun to see the creativity of everyone.

  11. Oh Sue I am totally blushing!! We are very lucky indeed to have been able to meet and now share this! Your friendship is so special! Yes I will be stealing this pic because even if I did get one it wouldn't look as cute as this!

  12. What a fun ornament-love the unique design and color palette! The beaded beads are wonderful. I also loved what you created for her. I was so lucky to be partnered up with you last year-you're ornament adds such beauty to my tree!

  13. You both did a fantastic job! I love how elegant and wintry your ornament came out and the piece that Kristen sent is just delightful. The bright red is so eye-catching and playful! Nicely done, you two!

  14. What a fun and whimsical ornament you received. I'm positive you'll treasure it for ages. And the ornament you made for her is just magical-looking. It's a beauty!

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