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  1. Well, you know, it always depends on what you need the business cards for. Do you want to promote your beads with them? Then with photos of beads. Do you need them to hand out to a bank, business partners, that kind of thing? Then make them plainer and more serious.

  2. i have 2 recommendations for business cards. Moo.com for Moo Cards- little photo cards are so cute and little.
    OvernightPrints.com- great prices, you can add photos or design your own, and you can have rounded corners, and glossy options.
    It's pretty quick too.
    Good luck!

  3. I like the full color photo cards so I can get a sense of the flavor of the artist. (For excavation and plumbing, not so much). Easily legible but stylish font, full contact information. I know cards are available with pre-designed graphics, and if it was really cool it might tempt me to look at their shop, but not as much as a great photo. I got mine from Insty Prints, probably could have gotten them cheaper from Moo. That's the plan for the next box.

  4. Just voted…and agree that I like photos on the card. Will help people remember your work/name. I put a link to who did my cards on my blog post today…Amy from Bean Sprout Studio, she's great (hey, you might win a free design on Jeanette's give away!). And I also like Overnight prints!

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