Polymer Clay Word Beads

I’ve not been blogging or checking blogs or much of anything since probably the beginning of October.  Even really before that, with getting ready for Bead Fest and ArtBLISS and another bead show I did.  But my boyfriend’s father fell and became ill in the beginning of October, and sadly passed at the beginning of December.  Then there were the holidays.  Then I got really sick with what I think was pneumonia.  I am still really tired, having been given blood pressure medication due to my thyroid issue – I’m wondering how long the fatigue will last before I get used to it.  But I’ve been slowly working on polymer clay, as you may have noticed, simple things, not very complicated yet, as I really don’t have a dedicated work space for this.  My kitchen table it covered with polymer stuff!  But I think these rustic word beads turned out pretty nice!  You can get them in my SueBeads etsy store a little later today!

 I also added more ammonite connectors, this time with ranger patina in three different colors – I like the deep from the sea effect with these!

 And I added some paired charms, a swirl pattern in two colors of blue ranger patina, and a pair of ammonites in three colors of rust patina.  I really like how these turned out.

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Word Beads”

  1. I've been a blogging absentee as well so here's to both of us for getting back into it. I love what you're doing with the polymer – keep it up! Can't wait to see where else you take AND I'm glad I'm not the only one who has lost kitchen area to beading-related stuff LOL!

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