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Hey everyone – in case you didn’t know, I am headed to Portugal for a week! This weekend, I will be going to Portugal for the engineer’s professional society meetings, along with my kids and my parents. If any of you readers out there from Portugal have advice or info, I’d love to have it. We will be spending a few days in both Cascais and Obidos. We will only have hours in Lisboa, from dinner to the next morning. I would love to find some bead stores, tiles, and good wine! If you know of a restaurant we have to go to in Lisboa I’d love the name!

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  1. Pity you ony have a few hours in Lisboa! The tile museum is beautiful. If you have time go into the center and see the castle ruins. It is spectacular with beautiful views out over the city. If you had even more time in Portugal, hiring a car and going to Evora is fabulous. Have fun though. Portugal is quite beautiful wherever you are at!

  2. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip, Sue! Sorry, can't help you with restaurants, haven't been to Portugal myself yet. I am sure you will love it though!

  3. Hi there!
    I'm portuguese but I live in oPorto, nevertheless I know Óbidos: it's one of the most beautiful and peaceful town in Portugal. There, you can see a very blue sky that seems never to end. You will just love it.
    And Lisbon, our capital, is a very good town to visit. If you want a restaurant you may go to the "Café Nicola Retaurante". It has a nice decoration and good food. Your kids will love it.Or you can go to the "Varanda de Lisboa" right in the Hotel Mundial.There you will be able to appreciate an excelent view.
    Have a good time with your familly!
    Huge Hug.

  4. Have fun Sue, post some inspirational photos when you get back. My Grandparents are from Scotland and their last name is Alves, I think it is Portuguese, he also had an olive complexion which definitely is not Scottish. They assume that centuries ago a Portuguese ship was stranded in Britain and mixed with the population. I love exploring family history.

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