The Rat

I have been making some orders this past week, so I haven’t done much to show you. Therefore, here’s a cute photo of the rat. He is still alive, after 3 years and 3 months. I believe he’s dancing his last dance, though, as they are only supposed to live 2-3 years. We must be doing something right here!

Edited to add: He’s really a gerbil, his name is Flash but I call him Ratboy, and so do my friends! Sometimes ratty, too, when I babytalk him!

6 thoughts on “The Rat”

  1. A family member of mine has a rat and they are dear little creatures! They certainly have feelings as they show fear and get scared easily. It makes me think of all the wild creatures and the fear they must encounter when caught for food. They have 2 rats named Big and Little. Rats are wonderful! (but pee alot hee hee) Your little guys must be well loved too!

  2. Does he bite? When I was a kid, all of my hamsters were biters. My children on the other hand, had lovely affectionate rats that never bit. But the tails were a little ugly. Ratboy looks pretty cute!

  3. I had hamsters from eighth grade until into my mid-thirties when I bought a house and could have cats. My brother's nickname for me is Hampster (with a P for some reason.) All of my hamsters were well loved, but it didn't seem to matter…each died a tragic, untimely death. The last one probably would have too, as there was overlap between the last hamster and the first cat. I gave him away before any fatal mishaps could occur!

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