Ranger Patina

As you know, I love glass. I have piles of glass rods to make into beads. Then that darn Barb Lewis offered her course in Maryland on enameling beads and I had to do that too, enamel being just finely powdered glass! Then of course I had to buy piles of beads to enamel – I liked enameling different beads, ones that were vintage and in cool shapes! I have some serious piles of metal beads, mostly brass, that won’t take enamel. Then, the amazingly talented Melinda Orr offered some Ranger Patinas from Vintaj for sale and I hopped on them. After I made beads today, I decided to play around with the patinas and the beads. Super fun to make, and then you heat treat them with your little heat gun to seal the color! Love these – hope you do too! You can find my first seven sets in my SueBeads etsy store – I’ll be making more later!

8 thoughts on “Ranger Patina”

  1. These are beautiful, I love that they are permanent without a sealer. One less step to think about. I too have a collection of metal components that will not take the enamel, you never know until you try.

  2. I haven't gotten my patinas yet. So you have to heat them up with a torch or what? to treat them so the color stays? I'll have to do some research on these to know what to do with them. Yours turned out great.

  3. oh man, i just had to get a bunch of these patinas from Melinda! i love how enamel-y they look (i'm still looking for a faux-enamel surface treatment. enameling at my house isn't really feasible, except in the summer (i.e., August) when i could do it outside.) can't wait to try it! thanks for sharing, these look great!

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