Retail Therapy, or Economic Stimulation?

In the past two weeks I have done a little retail therapy, or what I like to consider my contribution to ending the recession. What? I can think that if I want! Here are some photos of some wonderful things I bought, in no particular order! They are all great!

First is a silver sugar skull charm from Beth at Hint. Don’t you just love it? I’m really happy I was able to snag one of these!

This Old World Santa ornament is from Lynda at SCdiva – you may recall the gingko pendant I bought from her. I had to have this one too!

A floral porcelain pendant from LeAnn at SummersStudio – she does awesome work.

I did have to buy the matching charms – I think these will be earrings for me!

From Melanie at Earthenwood Studios, I purchased this mix of charms and a connector. I don’t buy much red, but I just love the detail and the flowers on these. One pair will need to be earrings, and the others I will covet until I can decide what to do with them!

At the same time, I purchased these floral raku charms from Melanie as well. They are so nice – I can’t wait to use them too!

5 thoughts on “Retail Therapy, or Economic Stimulation?”

  1. I love your retail therapy! Thomas and I tend to refer to our vacations as Nelson Stimulus Packages, so I follow you (hey, any logic that works sounds good to me!).

    I just got a couple of charms brom Beth – I got the cat (go figure) and the oak tree (to go with an idea I have stewing…). And, I had to get a few things from Melanie's Etsy shop – especially some of the older items that she doesn't make anymore…Of course, she posted some MORE really cute stuff in the past couple of days…

    You guys all make it SO hard to have willpower…But, I am holding out OK right now… :o) Let's see how long it lasts…The Kandinsky beads are still talking to me…

  2. Gosh golly Miss Molly, you have been busy shopping! You will show us what you do with all your goodies, won't you? Thanks so much for the sweet comments and it's lovely to be in such good company. BTW, I did not get to commenting, but your Kandinsky inpired bead is fabulous!

  3. I love what you bought!! I agree with what you say about doing your share to help the economy bounce back. I think that if everyone was to just wake up and go back to normal they would realize there is no recession, we make it so by stopping what we normally do, and purchasing less amd so on. I think we all need to try to make a difference, then there really won't be a recession.
    ok I know, shut up Marie 😉

  4. Oh Sue – retail therapy!! Love it, have to make sure not to forget that phrase!! Anyway, you got yourself a whole lot of beautiful goodies and I sure hope you show us what you turn them in to!

  5. Well Sue, somebody's got to do it! Retail therapy is rewarding in so many ways…..Be sure to show us what you've made. Also, congratulations to the lucky and quick buyer of those Kandinsky beads!

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