Sale of the Day!

Today’s sale of the day is Pinot Grigio recycled wine bottle beads! They were $25, but for today they are $21.25 – good deal. Very nice glass, hardly any bubbles and no inclusions! You never know what you’ll get with wine bottle glass, but this is nice! Check them out in the SueBeads etsy store!

Is anyone else as exhausted as I am? I’m not running around like crazy, but maybe it’s mental exhaustion. I would rather take the kids and go to the islands for the holiday than do the whole crazy holiday thing! I keep trying to convince them it’s a great idea, but so far they aren’t buying!

3 thoughts on “Sale of the Day!”

  1. I know what you mean about feeling worn out…I am taking a half-day off tomorrow to get a little more "me" time into the weekend because I feel like I'm dragging…I'm not sick, so I think it's all mental, too :o)

    Love the beads, and I hope you get a chance to rest your mind a bit :o)

  2. I've felt a little like that too. I haven't dared to say anything because the kids are waiting for Santa and they are looking forward to the holidays. The kids are worth it!

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