Seasons Beads and Recent Purchases

Here’s a photo of the seasons beads, all together! Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – I really like this series – I will put them up for sale at some point, but for now, I like looking at them and feeling them. I think my favorite is the blue one, but I really like them all!
Now for some recent purchases. I bought this kitty charm from Beth at Hint – you may know that I had two kitties for years (17 and 15) and I just miss them so much! Sometimes I even think they are still around; out of the corner of my eye, I think, what’s Tom doing there? Or Booty would love this sunshine coming in the door! They really add so much to our lives, so I had to get this charm.
I purchased these Sugar Skull charms from Melanie at Earthenwood Studios. I know, it’s not the season for them, but she was having a sale, and it’s better than buying shoes, right???

Finally, I purchased this beautiful clay connector from Dot at Winchell Clayworks – she has some beautiful things in her shop – you should check it out! I see some of my lampwork beads making a great bracelet with this connector! Now, I just need to make myself some beads!
I hope you enjoyed looking at what I’ve purchased lately. All in all, not too expensive! I do have a great deal of things waiting for me to put them together – but my other job is taking a bit of precedence lately! That’s ok – because exciting things are going on. Can’t say right now – maybe someday!

3 thoughts on “Seasons Beads and Recent Purchases”

  1. Hey, Sue! I had to come over and look at your new beads after reading your lovely compliment on my blog about my muse deserting me. These are so gorgeous! I am going to your etsy shop to see if they are listed, but even if they aren't, we must talk. 🙂

    Thanks again for the wonderful compliment!


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