Sick Sick Sick

Hi! I am so sick – this has to be the worst cold I have ever had. Really…I don’t whine when I get sick! I’ve had two kids! I had a horrible hemorrhage after I had my daughter, lost half my blood and almost died. I’ve had cancer! I don’t whine – but this cold is kicking my butt! So, even though I have some beads I really need to make, I just can’t play with fire today, with my head this fuzzy. It would be stupid! So, I’m going to list some beads, take some photos, and make a bracelet for the Art Bead Scene February challenge. In between laying down and blowing my nose and drinking tons of liquids (my throat hurts SO bad!). We’re supposed to get a snowstorm here soon. We are also supposed to go see Jack Hanna tonight, I wonder if he’ll travel with this impending weather with all his animals? I would love for it to be rescheduled for a day when I feel better!

12 thoughts on “Sick Sick Sick”

  1. Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Take it easy and don't feel like you have to keep pushing. Put up your feet and let everyone wait on you. We, all women, don't get enough credit for how super human we are most of the time.

  2. I am so sorry you feel yucky. You have certainly been through a lot health wise!! Cancer?? good thing for blood donors too! Wow! Hugs 🙂 sending health and sunshine your way


  3. Does this mean I need to soak my beads in hand sanitizer when they arrive? JK! Sure hope you feel better soon – colds are the worst! The beads are great – especially that last set of rounds. Definitely my colors!

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