Some Days…

Some days are great, others are not. The other day, my daughter and I were in the grocery store and the bakers were playing a game. Stand on a number; if they pick your number, you win a cake. Guess what? I won! Then, when I got home, I found that I had won a blog giveaway (which I will show you when it arrives)! Wow – I should play the lottery, I thought. BAM – going down the stairs in my socks, I fell – I have huge deep bruises on my arm and my backside! Really hurts. Then I got to participate in an ultrasound, and my son is having some anxiety. Life goes on, the birds keep singing. Thankfully spring is a mere 19 days away!

St. Patrick’s Day is not very far away, as well. I have some nice green beads in the SueBeads etsy store, and on my web site! Check them out if you like to make themed jewelry!

5 thoughts on “Some Days…”

  1. Good grief! I guess you used up all of your luck too early in the day? I hope you feel better – I hate big mean bruises…If it tells you anything about me…I was THRILLED when I saw that our house had rounded corners :o) The fewer corners to bump into, the better…SO, I guess it's a good thing my house doesn't have stairs!

  2. Cake's good! But a fall…that's bad. I fell down the steps one time in my house all by myself and didn't happen to have any clothes on…all I could think of was that this was how the emergency people would find me! Luckily, I just had a couple of bruises and some brushburn (on key padded hind areas!) haaaaaa

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