SueBeads in Action – Says Lorelei!

Lorelei has been a jewelry making machine lately, and everything she makes is just amazing! So I am doing a small bit of shameless self promotion here when I show you her latest and give you a link to her shop! She made these earrings and a bracelet out of beads I sent her made from a really cool glass from Moretti. It gives a peacock shimmer when you very gently reduce it. It’s really striking and I think Lorelei did an amazing job of pairing the beads with the fringe chain! Thanks for making my beads look so fantastic, Lorelei!

2 thoughts on “SueBeads in Action – Says Lorelei!”

  1. I gotta tell you Sue, these beads are just to die for. I love the color and they stand so well on their own!! I think they almost look like pewter! or metal!
    Thanks for linking me on your post!

  2. Love these beads……the bracelet is beautiful too. You both are the dynamic duo. Keep up the good work!
    Are these beads on Etsy or your site?

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