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The beautiful Ms. Rita from Jewel School Friends blog is hosting a Summer Elements Blog Hop today!  I made three pairs of earrings for myself, in a summery theme, and thought I’d show you those! I got the beads from a bead show here in Pittsburgh over the winter, or maybe even in the fall, and just never got around to showing them on my blog!  These are faceted beads, have no idea the stone, but they are opaque, I’m thinking some kind of dyed agate.

These are gorgeous faceted angelite beads!  They are just too pretty, I want to eat them!

 And then these ones, I picked up from a table and the owners of the booth were probably pretty upset that they had to be at a bead show that day, from their attitude.  I have no idea what the “stone” is – they are not real stones, I hope they aren’t asbestos or something like that.  But I did like the crackled effect and they are faceted as well!  I’m on a faceted kick right now!

So here are some of my home elements, water and fire.  First, my pool, which if you look very closely is green in the deep end and this rain today is not helping…

And here’s my rain barrel – I didn’t set it up last summer, and it didn’t really matter as we basically had no rain last summer to fill it up with!  This summer, so far, we do and it’s nearly full!  Of course, if we keep getting all the rain, I won’t need it…ironic.

And finally, my chiminea.  We really like to make fires here, and roast marshmallows and enjoy the flowers, etc.  See my bird girl in the background (remember Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil?).  I love Savannah and all it has to offer as a city, so I had to get myself a souvenir.  Don’t know if you can see my Greek head vase either, it’s on the fence with the yellow flowers, I got that in Athens and I love it!!!

Thanks for visiting!  Here’s a list of everyone else who is participating, I hope you go visit them!  And thank you to Rita who is so kind and patient and allowed me to join late! 

Toltec Jewels (Hostess)
Marlene Cupo         
Cheri Reed              
Ailsa Cordner          
Nan Smith               
Sherri Stokey           
Christie (Charis Designs)
Carolyn Lawson       
Susie Harris              
Andrea Glick-Zenith 
Nelly May                
Melissa Trudinger     
Dini Bruinsma           
Kathy Lindemer       
Cory Tompkins        
Robin Reed             
Gina Hockett           
Karen Martinez       
Jasvanti Patel           
Solange Collin          
Karla Morgan          
Anindita Basu           
Alicia Marinache      
Andrea Trank          
Mischelle Fanucchi   
Tanty Sri Hartanti     
Shaiha Williams        
Mary Govaars          
Becca Sirevaag        
Lennis Carrier          
Regina Wood           
Sue Kennedy           
Kathleen Breeding   

17 thoughts on “Summer Elements Blog Hop”

  1. I love your earrings. Thank you for showing us your backyard. I love the water barrel. What are they used for?? *probably a silly question* Have a great summer 🙂

  2. That back yard looks soooo inviting. Your ode to water with those earrings is fantastic too, and really like those "who knows what" beads in the last pair. LOL

  3. Beautiful earrings, Sue! Love that they are gemstone jewelry; I started making jewelry because of gems and love collecting.

    The faceting on the first turquoise blue earrings is so pretty! And the angelite is gorgeous! I'm thinking the black crackle gems are the new colors of fire agate — or rather, fire crackle agate. So no asbestos! lol Just gemmy beauty!

    I had my daughter come look at your beautiful yard with me! So pretty! Everything: the art from your travels, the incredible pool (awesome slide), the lounge areas and colorful flowers are all gorgeous! Wonderful space 🙂

    We just had our pool cleaned last week, and have been setting up a new gazebo, planting flowers, and putting lots of T.L.C. into our yard this week — it's inspiring to see your nurturing and cool home sweet home! Love it! Thank you for sharing photos. And thank you for celebrating summer with us!


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