Summer Reading

I have some summer reading recommendations for you, if you are interested! I read these all either on the way to Hawaii or in Hawaii! Now I need to get some more books. If any of you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them!
Olive Kitteridge is a set of stories about a New England town, and the main thread through the book is this quirky, uncompromising, cranky woman named Olive Kitteridge. It’s a good read, not too heavy, but will keep your interest!

Mudbound is a book about the mid-west after WWII and what African Americans had to endure to eke out a living. It also teaches us what African Americans were treated like, even though they fought alongside white men in the war. Very interesting read.

Another WWII book, this time about Wales. Of course, I never knew that Wales had much to do with the war, but apparently there was an internment camp there for captured German soldiers. This book deals with the relationship of a Welsh girl and the man she fell in love with, a German prisoner. Again, a very good read!

5 thoughts on “Summer Reading”

  1. I have had tons of enjoyment reading Ann B Ross's "Miss Julia" series each evening. I am on the last book & will miss this relaxing read. I have laughed out loud so many times reading this series my family thought I was drinking happy juice at first (now they are used to it).

  2. I guess you aren't interested in the SciFi military books I am reading. I am reading the Honor Harrington series and I am hooked. Maybe I will read "The Shack" next…

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