Sun = Photos!

I was able to photograph some of these darker color beads because we had SUN today! Woo Hoo! I just spent three hours in the yard (kids helped!) and now I’m in for a rest! And maybe a beer. And I took these photos, and you can find these beads at the SueBeads etsy store now!

4 thoughts on “Sun = Photos!”

  1. Wonderful beads!

    The bottom ones … mmmmmmm!

    (but I think it would work very well to photograph them in overcast light too, have you tried it? Try from different angles of the light source … )

  2. Pretty! Love LP 😀

    Amen sister! Some of our glass colors work best with B.O.B(Big orange ball, aka, the sun)!

    I would be down for one of those beers of which you speak as well!

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