Test 2

This one came out better – fewer bubbles, so it’s a slow rampup that it needs. I’ll try another before I use the bottle I want to use for the school. I’m going to go with no copper hanger. I think I’ll like that better, too. Sorry if the photo is bad, there are just too many things on my list right now! When I do the final version, I’ll post a pretty picture!

7 thoughts on “Test 2”

  1. Ok, I have to ask the dumb question. Why would you “slump” a wine bottle? What does that mean? What do you do with the now flat bottle? Please enlighten the clueless one…….thank you!

  2. Slumping is the technical term for the process I use to melt the wine bottle in the kiln. I am making a cheese tray out of it for my son’s school fund raiser. This is the same thing I made the canape set for. It’s supposed to be a matching set. It’s just a small cheese tray, but it’s a novelty thing and something I can make myself instead of buying one, and recycling a glass bottle in the process!

  3. Thank you Sue. Sounds like a very smart project and a good way to recycle glass. I’ve seen beads from recycled glass, but never anything big…..Can’t wait to see the finished tray.

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