Time for Some Beads

Hi! I haven’t been posting pictures for a few days, I haven’t really been making beads since it’s been so busy here. Except of course the custom ones – what a ridiculous situation. Anyways, here’s a beady photo – these are in the etsy shop today and WAY prettier in person! The colors are really amazing – it’s hard to capture blues and purples in photos, as you all know. Plus, we have less sunny days than Seattle around here so I have to use a lightbox, which really doesn’t do the job! Have a great rest of the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Time for Some Beads”

  1. Very nice! I know what you mean about the photos, all your beads are lovely in photos, but when I get them in person!!! WOW!!! They are always sooo much better!!

    Happy New Year!!


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