To Etch or Not To Etch?

Regarde, before thee, a photo of two beads. To etch or not to etch, that is the question. I really like the organic quality of the etched bead (the second one), but I also really like the colors that you can see with the unetched bead (the first one). So, my question to thee – to etch or not to etch?

Two things – 1) I apologize for the quality of the photo. While I can somewhat take pictures now, it doesn’t mean I can process them. I guess I need to take Photography for Dummies. 2) I am not asking whether you like the actual beads; I realize that question would be one of taste. I am just asking which one you prefer!!!

Thank you!

Edited to add: to see the beads better, you may have to click on the photo to make it bigger. This is my fault – the photo is ok, but like I said, the processing leaves something to be desired! It is hard to see the difference, but the first one is shinier than the second!

14 thoughts on “To Etch or Not To Etch?”

  1. I love them both. I would do some of each. The sparkle in the first is really lovely and the earthiness of the second is rustic and fun. BTW I love the colours too 😉 They are really great beads. I hate not having any money, I swear I must have had half those rainbow sets in my cart. lol. next time I hope.


  2. These beads are gorgeous! My first choice would be etched as I generally like a matt finish with autumn colors (and a glossy with wintery icy blues). I definitely need a pair of these.

  3. they are both beautiful and each would work for a specific look. i personally like the finish of the etched bead.

  4. First – the colours on these beads are just lovely and they remind me of terrazzo. Although I generally prefer etched beads (I just love the matte surface), I think this bead is gorgeous in glossy.

  5. I like the non-etched version best. The colors are so muted anyway – I like the "kick" provided by the shine of the un-etched glass. They are beautiful either way, though.

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