Too Bizarre!

This is too bizarre for me – today I commented on two blogs, Wait Just One More Bead by Pam Ferrari, who is going through cancer, and also on Maire Dodd’s blog. My “capcha” word (the word you have to enter to prove you are not a bot) on Pam’s was “unblest” and made me feel bad. The word on Mary Jane’s was “toutchie” and the comment I made to her was that her post today touched me greatly. I think this is bizarre – does anyone else? Should I play the lottery? Or go hide????

4 thoughts on “Too Bizarre!”

  1. Yes, I have had several strange words today but the scariest was "imaton". It happened right after I weighed myself and discovered some more "Christmas surprises" lurking around my mid section. How do they know???

  2. those words can get little weird sometimes. the one i'm about to type is flocal, hmm, i live in cal and i like to go with the flo, kinda funny.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  3. I crack up when I see them, usually come up with the "definition" of the word in my head as I type it… yes I'm weird but I do love words! On this comment I have "boombe" (that's a blonde bombshell who is well endowed by the way…)

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