Too Cold to Cook Beads, So…

It was way too cold this morning (my best work time) to make any beads in my basement, so after I went to the grocery store, did laundry, put dinner in the crockpot, put the birdseed out, etc. (you get the idea), I sat on my bed (this is where I bead right now) and made two necklaces from Lynn Davis’ beautiful polymer clay pendants. I’m just showing you the detail shots, but I had a good day, I think! The first is the geisha pendant, and the second is the kelly green heart pendant. My process is to fondle the beads, and leave them on my nightstand so before I go to bed I can look at them. Somehow that translates into ideas for me! So that’s what I have been doing with these pendants and today was the day the ideas came! I don’t know if I’ll sell the items or keep them!

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