Too Cold To Torch…

It’s too cold to work in my basement today – when I woke up to get the kids off to school, it was 1 degree. I’ll make beads tomorrow. In the meantime, I am cutting fabric for my son’s travel fair at school – he picked and got Scotland as his country. We have to make a poster, food, a souvenir and he has to dress up and give a presentation about a famous person from Scotland! The souvenir is a laminated bookmark with a plaid fabric to resemble tartan. Hopefully when they are done, I will post a photo of it! Here’s a look at a new item I put in my BellaHannahJane etsy store – an oval wood tab pendant with a beautiful Chinese stamp of two birds – they look like love birds!

One thought on “Too Cold To Torch…”

  1. Excuse me? 1 degree? One? Uno? Ein? Whoa Nelly! I would be wrapped up in my blankie all day. Hope it warms up so you can torch!

    Great pendant!

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