Tutorial – Twisted Flower Beads

Bead Tutorial: Twisted Flowers

1 rod light turquoise
1 rod light ivory

Remember to occasionally flash your bead in the flame so it doesn’t crack!

Step 1:
your materials. With your tweezers, pull a few stringers of light
ivory. Also, pull a short (1 1/2″) stringer of ivory with a larger base,
so you can hold onto it to twist.

Step 2:
a basic bead of light turquoise. Make sure you are happy with the shape
– you won’t really be able to adjust it after you add your dots.
Step 3:
Add 3 dots of ivory in thirds around the bead. Make sure they are evenly spaced and about the same size.
Step 4:
Melt the dots in. Be careful not to let them get too molten, or they will misshape.

Step 5:
the space in the middle of one set of three dots. With your little
handmade twisting tool, twist the space in the middle of the three dots,
turning only about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. The more you twist, the more
your circles will distort. After you twist the dots, wiggle the tool a
little bit. If it’s cool enough, it should pop right off. If not, blow
on it slightly then wiggle – the tool will come right off and you’ll be
ready to twist the next set of dots.

Finished bead!
Step 6:
Continue with the other two sets of dots. When you are done, put the bead back in the flame to flame polish and shape it up!

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