Three More Days!

Three more days to enter my giveaway that I blogged about here. All you have to do is leave a comment and what you do to combat the February BLAHs! I’ve already gotten some really great comments, but you have to play to win! Anyone in the world can play, but only one comment per person, please! Giveaway ends February 28th, probably around 7:30 pm EST. These beads and more are the prize!

In case you didn’t notice from my little weather gizmo to the right, the weather here in the ‘Burgh is fantastic today! I filled up my kiln with pretties and hope to get some listed tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Three More Days!”

  1. To beat the February Blahs I do a number of things.
    I surround myself with bright, cheerful colors. I recently painted my toes a shocking electric blue.

    I eat spicy food and pretend I’m in a hot sunny country, (doesn’t matter which one)

    I’ve even been know to go the electric beach (tanning bed) for 10 minutes. I know it’s not good for my skin, but it makes me feel better every time.

  2. February is a great time to plan my garden. I go through all the seed and flower catalogs and try to restrict myself to order just what I need and have room for and not everything I want! Just looking at all the flowers can transport me to summer warmth. Also I use the cold winter months to bake bread, which I love to do. I don’t like to fire up the oven in the summer months but love to warm the kitchen in February!

  3. I like to paint the walls of our most used rooms.Also,a few cushions and fresh flowers help me.If the flowers don’t have any scent to them,I’ll melt some Tylers melts in a tart holder,something with a fresh spring-like scent.This usually helps,because by the time I’ve done all this,it’s KITE time!!

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