* Yesterday was my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!). We went out for dinner to celebrate – it was nice! Good food!

* My surgery seems to have been a success, but I guess I have to wait a little bit longer to make sure! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

* The girl’s concussion test scores are going up! This is due to the addition of a medication that makes the dopamine in her brain work harder to help her think better. I’m learning so much! We have been averaging three doctor appointments a week, so I usually only have Fridays to make beads, and that’s after I do the grocery stuff, or whatever! Yesterday I got to make beads, which leads to…

* I will have some beads and some headpins listed later, as soon as I get to take the photos today, because…

* It’s pool opening day, and while the engineer can handle it himself, I know I will have to be on-call to help with whatever…fun!

* I’ll leave you with this photo of my wisteria, from the spring. It’s the 10th year for it, and boy did it go crazy this year with blooms!

Edited to add – new additions in the SueBeads etsy store, and photos here!

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