What Do I Do With Those?

In preparation for my big Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale I thought I’d show you what you can do with some of my beads!  Today, I’m showing necklaces!

 This first one was made with 35 of my new round beads made with enamel powders and raku frit!  There are little silver spacers in between each bead!  You can always request large numbers of beads from me to make something like this!

 The necklace above was made with one of my new free-formed focal beads, also with enamel powders and raku frit, with the addition of a swirl imprint, murrini and black dots on both sides.  I used a sandstone colored fossil bead and blue seed beads and bronze faceted beads and a gorgeous saki silver bronze clasp.

 This necklace uses one of my heart focals.  I pulled the green and purple colors of the bead and wire wrapped pretty faceted rondelles and rounds.

 This bead is one of my favorites right now, a long hand-shaped heart with enamel powders, 22k gold leaf and a swirl imprint on both sides.  I wanted to keep the focus on the focal, so I just used gold filled short and long chain from Fusion Beads.

Finally, this necklace was featured in Bead It Today! and features one of my round focal lentils (1 1/4 inches round) and an assymetrical design of various gemstones I have in my stash.  They are wrapped with copper wire, and a hand-forged simple copper clasp finishes the design. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what you can do with some of my beads!  I’ll work on posts for earring and bracelets next!  In the meantime, please visit my etsy store SueBeads or my web site SueBeads to purchase any beads you might be in need of for the holidays or anytime!

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