What a Fun Day!

We all had a great day today! We went to Jason’s where I made lunch of some really good mexican style chicken soup and homemade mac and cheese, and the kids had a great time sled riding!Jason and I took a walk down to see donkey (aka Eeeyore) and Skipper, and he took these photos. I think they came out really well, so I had to share. I rarely like photos of myself!
Eeyore and Skipper were getting peppermints! They really liked the attention, too.
We all went out to dinner later for Jason’s birthday, and on the way home, I had to take a photo of these rainbow trees to share with you all. It’s hard to see the purple one, but I love how the lights came out in the darkness of this photo!

6 thoughts on “What a Fun Day!”

  1. Sue, those are lovely photos of you. I know what you mean though about photos of yourself. I dislike most photos of me. The rainbow trees are beautiful. But I gotta say that's a lot more snow on the ground than I want to deal with. Pretty but cooold.

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