What I Bought!

Portugal is very well known for a few things: cork, tiles, port wine, lace. I’m sure there are more, and I just don’t know them! I wanted to show you what I bought when I was there. I did not buy very many things – I did not get to find a bead store in Lisboa, since I didn’t get there! I didn’t find a bead store in Cascais, and am not aware that one exists there! I did not find a bead store in Obidos, and can pretty much say with surety that there is no bead store in Obidos! However, I did buy a few wonderful things by which to remember my trip.

I bought this beautiful hand painted tile in Obidos. In fact, I think I bought everything in Obidos. This tile is going to hang on the wall on my back covered porch – can’t wait to put it out there!

I bought this gorgeous terra cotta hand-painted dish in Obidos as well. It’s for the oven, I’m sure, but I don’t think it will ever see the oven – it’s signed by the artist on the back. I think I’ll use it for serving things in…

This tile and cork trivet I believe I also purchased in Obidos. I bought my kids some hand-painted wood roosters in Sintra that look very simlar to this rooster.

I’ll try and post some photos tomorrow of scenery and towns! And kids, and other stuff like that! I did get some bead making done today, and will try and catch up on everyone’s blogs tonight! I see Silver Parrot put something about my beads on her blog, I just need to get the time after dinner to read!

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  1. Hello!
    Have you tried the restaurants I sugested you? No? I thought so… you haven't!It's a shame. I tried to help , but…
    …and the Port wine is produced in my place: oPorto!, and from the north region of Portugal:"Douro". A beautiful place!! Believe me.

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