Where Have I Been????

I have been absent on blogger here for a few days – I’ve been busy. It’s hard to do things the way you usually do them when kids are home from school. I wish summer break was shorter! Bad mom! There are so many things to coordinate with them, and I have been working on house projects as well as making a bunch of jewelry for my show in October. My basement storage room was painted with waterproof paint on Tuesday by my daughter and I, and I have been pitching junk, rearranging and building shelves, etc. for that room! Another project has been the wall in my backyard by the pool. It was falling over and needed to be replaced, but took longer than I thought it would. Last night we finally started mulching all the planting we did last weekend. I still need to buy some lights and I am going to get some cement Japanese lanterns for the area.

I leave you with a pretty portulaca flower from my yard! It was blooming this morning before it turned 95 degrees outside!

5 thoughts on “Where Have I Been????”

  1. So hot lately! I sympathize with having summer interupt your usual routine. Peter has been home all summer, and while I don't need to do a lot, it's just really different to have someone else around all day long ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ha! I know that feeling, and I'm the homeschool mom! Seriously, summers lately have been way more hectic than the school year. That's a beautiful flower, btw. Love to see pics of the finished wall as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ And the basement room. I"m just a picture junkie, really! Glad you're getting stuff accomplished!

  3. Wow. Summer has a lot of us singing the same tune! It's just so busy. Hard to keep up with the extra activity.
    I like what I heard someone say at a meeting, once:

    "I am SO busy. My life is full of so many good things."
    I'm not sure how good all this heat is….

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