Who Did I Tick Off????

I had a really interesting week this week. Last Friday, I was hit from behind by someone as I was going to my daughter’s first production of the year at school – she’s the stage manager for her school and this was the first time she was totally in charge! Still dealing with that. I “sold” (for lack of a better term) at the Delmont Apple ‘N Arts Festival last weekend. It rained the entire time. The mud was 5 inches thick. They closed early on Saturday. I never opened on Sunday. I sold nothing…all that preparation I did and money I spent and now I have a pile of muddy stuff to put away. Yesterday I got a migraine and still have the migraine hangover today. Glad this week is past me.

I made several sets of these cute pumpkin earrings for the show, but if I don’t disassemble them for the beads or sell the earrings pretty soon, they will go to waste! So, I am offering anyone who wants them a special price of $18 for a pair of pumpkin earrings with my own lampwork beads and my own handmade ear wires! I would normally charge $22 for them at the show, so you are getting a bit of a deal! If you want a pair, let me know. I have 6 available! I can send you a paypal invoice – free shipping too!

6 thoughts on “Who Did I Tick Off????”

  1. YUCK! sorry you had such an awful week. I've had horrible and rainy shows too. Nothing worse. Feel better and I hope you sell lots of pumpkin earrings, they are cute!

  2. If I had not just received the pumpkin beads today that I ordered from you, I would definitely buy a pair of your earrings! Sorry you had such a bad week…hope your weekend is better!

  3. Sue, what a bummer! Getting in the fender bender, then the awful, muddy show! 🙁 I'm sorry things were so bad this week. I hope things turn around for you this weekend! …thinking of you!

  4. Sorry you had such a rotten week. I hope this one is much better, and that your daughter's production was a huge success!

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