Zanfirico Cane

That’s the fancy Italian name for twisties! I am taking a class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center with Mike “Fig” Mangiafico. This is what we made last night. It was fun. We also made another one with dichroic glass in it, but that’s in the kiln and I guess I’ll get mine next week. The first one is baby blue and cobalt blue, with a stripe of black. The second one is white, red, orange and a stripe of black. I really like how they both turned out. They look yummy to me!

The first class I took at the Glass Center about six years ago with Mike. It was a short workshop; I liked it so much that I took a longer, 4 week class. He really encouraged me to keep at it and sell my beads, which is what I did! I am enjoying learning from him again, he’s a very generous teacher and person!

3 thoughts on “Zanfirico Cane”

  1. Cool twisties! I can't wait to see how you use them. Your beautiful beads arrived today. They are even better in person than in the photo. They are marrying my pod bead. Photos next week.

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